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Double side Heart Padlock. One side is with garnet in a unique design, the other side is with rose cut diamonds all in 14K Rose Gold. Unique vintage style padlock
**The necklace is not included

This Jewelry is set with Rose Cut Diamonds, the rose cut is one of the oldest cutting styles for diamonds. It emerged in the 1500s and was extremely popular in the 1700s through the 1800s.

As the rose is an ideal vintage cut, imperfections also give the stone more antique beauty. Rose-Cut are often not totally clear and often are a bit opaque, as you can see in the pictures. I love using them as I design Vintage Inspired jewelry, and they fit just perfect!

Details and Measurements:
► 14 Karat Rose Gold
► Length 32x20
► Total Weight 9.5 gr
► 24 rose cut diamonds 2 mm 0.72 ct
► Garnet 10x12 mm


If you want the same design with a different size of diamonds or any other change feel free to leave me a message and I'll be happy to provide a solution.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions/requests.

Double Side Heart Padlock

SKU: 3046
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